What Is NDD Execution?

  • Forex NDD execution stands for No Dealing Desk execution
  • It offers traders unfiltered access to interbank exchange rates
  • NDD execution offers you trading directly with interbank rates
  • NDD helps you get the most competitive bid and ask prices

NDD Forex Trading - What Is It?

Forex NDD explained: No Dealing Desk execution offers traders unfiltered access to interbank exchange rates Forex ndd executionThere are many different execution types in Forex. One of them is called No Dealing Desk, NDD, execution, and it is known to provide traders direct access to the Forex exchange market without the orders going through the dealing desk. No Dealing Desk brokers are working with major market players, such as banks, for example, and are able to offer traders very competitive bid and ask prices. There are two types of NDD brokers in the market, which are Straight Through Processing and Electronic Communications Network brokers. They are simply known as STP and ECN. Both of them are NDD Forex brokers with some differences. Both types of no dealing desk execution in Forex are very popular. STP is known for providing traders and liquidity providers direct access to each other. ECN can do everything that STP does, the difference being that it also offers clients to trade directly with each other. This means that while using the ECN NDD execution model, there might be another trader on the other end. On the other hand, while using STPs, the other end is represented by FX trading companies, such as banks and brokers. Simply put, NDDs are basically building connections between traders and liquidity providers and the orders made by traders does not go through the dealing desk. This is giving traders the ability to get the best bid/ask prices in the market and the transactions are made a lot faster as well.

What Did We Learn From This NDD Forex Execution Article?

NDD meaning in Forex trading shows that it provides traders direct access to liquidity providers. As the name of No Dealing Desk execution shows, the orders made by traders using this type of broker do not go through the dealing desk. NDD Forex trading gives traders access to the best bid and ask prices and the processing time of transactions is also a lot shorter. There are two types of No Dealing Desk execution in the market, called STP and ECN execution.

Detailed Info On Forex NDD Execution

What Is NDD In Forex?

The no dealing desk Forex definition shows that it is a type of execution, which offers traders direct access to the liquidity providers. Thanks to the NDD execution, you can get the best possible bid and ask prices in the market. There are two major types of NDD execution offered to traders, called STP and ECN execution. While these two are fundamentally similar, there are some differences between them.

What is a non-dealing desk broker?

As NDD Forex meaning indicators, No Dealing Desk broker is a company that offers Forex traders access to the interbank Forex exchange rates directly. There are many of them available in the market, offering traders some of the best trading conditions.