What Are PAMM Accounts In Forex trading?

  • PAMM account stands for the Percentage Allocation Management Module
  • The PAMM account is a very unique product, which allows the account manager to trade Forex for other investors
  • While using this account, you are trusting the account manager with your funds

PAMM Accounts Explained - How Do They Work?

Meaning of PAMM Account: PAMM account manager traders for investors who trusted him with their money pamm account managerIn recent years, the popularity of PAMM account Forex brokers has increased a lot. But what does PAMM mean? The PAMM, which stands for the Percentage Allocation Management Module, is a platform that is capable of administering an unlimited number of managed accounts. PAMM is also sometimes referred to as percentage allocation money management and gives traders the ability to allocate their money in desired proportion to the qualified traders and money managers of their own choice. These managers, or traders, are able to manage a number of Forex trading accounts at the same time. Simply put, when using a PAMM account, you are allocating your funds to one trader, also referred to as a manager, who is capable of managing an unlimited quantity of accounts at the same time. Depending on the size of the deposit, every managed account has its own ratio in PAMM. According to the ratio, the trades, as well as profits and losses, are allocated between managed accounts. PAMM is one of the managed accounts that is available at numerous Forex brokers online. With PAMM, an account manager is able to use the funds of multiple Forex traders on a single account. There are numerous benefits as well as disadvantages of PAMM accounts in Forex trading and understanding them can be very helpful for people who are still deciding whether to use them or not. As for the profits made with PAMM, they are distributed between the participants in accordance with their share in the account. The same goes for losses. The main idea behind the PAMM account is very simple. Simply put, the managers will be trading Forex on your behalf, generating income for you. In most cases, PAMM managers are earning pre-determined Success Fees when they make a profit for investors. This is one of the simplest ways to trade Forex. However, to better understand how it works, there are some additional things traders should know. So, let’s continue by discussing the most important things traders should know about the PAMM account.

How PAMM Account Works - Example

pamm account forex tradingUnderstanding Forex PAMM accounts might be a little hard in the beginning, however, in reality, using PAMM accounts is quite a simple concept. To help you better understand how it works, we can discuss a specific example. For example, we can discuss a PAMM account trader, who manages 3 different accounts at the same time. Let's say that this account manager has to take care of the USD account, with a deposit of $20,000 and a ratio of 20 percent, EUR account with a deposit of €80,000 and a ratio of 50 percent, and the GBP account with a deposit of £43,000 and 30 percent ratio. If the account manager decides to buy 10 lots of EUR/USD pairs, PAMM will allocate the order between managed accounts according to the ratio. This means that everyone will have to pay a certain amount of money, depending on their ratio. As for the outcome of the trade, they will receive the amount of money depending on their ratio as well. The profit and loss are automatically calculated for each account depending on market prices. There are many people who are trusting their money to account managers. There are different reasons why a trader would use such an account. In most cases, investors who decide to give their money to PAMM account managers are those who do not have enough time to sit in front of their computer the whole day and trade Forex on their own. Because they still want to be part of the market, using Forex PAMM accounts is one of the best options that they have.

Pros And Cons Of Forex PAMM Account

While there are many people using PAMM accounts, not all of them understand all the different aspects of using this account. It is true that there are numerous advantages of using a PAMM account for Forex trading, however, at the same time, there also are some disadvantages that should not be forgotten. Among the biggest advantages is that it is a very easy and fast way to invest in the Forex trading market. To help you understand if you should use PAMM accounts in Forex, we will discuss the major advantages and disadvantages of using a PAMM account below.

Big Pooled Funds - Pro

pamm accounts in forexAmong the biggest advantages of using PAMM accounts is that it brings bigger pooled funds to traders, which can provide higher profits than a trader would be able to make with smaller invested portions. While it might be a little challenging to earn huge profits from Forex trading, pooled funds increase the chances of earning more profits. The big pooled funds open a lot of opportunities for traders and it is a huge advantage of the PAMM account. This is among the biggest advantages of PAMM accounts in Forex trading.  

Percentage Ownership Profits - Pro

Another huge advantage of using PAMM is that you get profits according to the percentage of ownership. This means that if your ratio among the managed accounts is bigger, you will be making higher profits as well. However, keep in mind that the losses also depend on your ratio in PAMM. While calculating the possible profits you might make, also make sure to keep in mind the fee that you are paying to the account manager. This depends from manager to manager and is always pre-arranged.

Easy To Diversify - Pro

Among the biggest advantages Forex PAMM accounts offer is how easy it is to diversify the trading portfolio. You can be part of different types of managed funds over different types of markets. Although PAMM is most frequently used in the Forex trading market, it is also available for other investors as well. This gives traders the ability to invest in different types of markets without having to spend hours researching and analyzing how and where to invest in. Diversifying your portfolio by using a PAMM account is very simple as well as rewarding for traders. The best thing about the PAMM account is that it comes with so many advantages and benefits for just a little fee that should be paid to the account manager.

Larger Share = Larger Loss - Con

There are numerous pros and cons of PAMM accounts in Forex trading and understanding them is of utmost importance for making a well-informed and right decision. While there are many advantages that PAMM accounts come with, there also are numerous disadvantages. Among the biggest disadvantages is that the larger your share, your potential losses increase as well. As we have already noted, if you own a larger share in the managed account, you have a chance of making higher profits. But this is true for the losses as well. Depending on your ratio of the PAMM account, your losses will be automatically calculated, and the more you own from the account, the higher your losses. Although it can also increase your profits, the risks that it has should also be considered.

Hard To View Manager Trades - Con

For understanding PAMM accounts, it is very important to make sure that you know everything about its disadvantages. One of