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No Dealing Desk Execution

Thanks to the emphasis on the work with Liquidity Providers & Tech, most of our trades are executed in under 10 milliseconds.

Top-tier LPs

Strategic partnership with top banks and prime brokerages.

Tight Spreads

Leading pricing, thanks to liquidity, and working with LPs.


Secure data storage, trading solutions & full transparency.

How Does NDD Execution Work?


First, we match client orders internally, which allows us to minimize the risk without interfering in trading.


When matching fails, or, in time of excessive risk, we forward client positions to the liquidity providers (hedge).


Why we are not using ECN?

Electronic Communication Network (ECN) has a lot of traction lately, and is oftentimes confused with NDD execution. In comparison to NDD, ECN can indeed connect orders with anybody on the network Unfortunately, sometimes via inferior prices, hence our pledge to in-house NDD execution.


Why we are not using STP?

Straight Through Processing (STP) is one of the most confusing terms in trading. The technology is actually used to exchange a trade order info post-fact (albeit nearly instantly). We use STP to map some of the orders, in line with our No Dealing Desk policy.



An overt pricing model is at the heart of Milton Prime. We value your trust and make it our priority to follow up with ethical behavior and no extra burden on your final trading fees.


Trading Account



CFD Commodities

CFD Indices

CFD Stocks

CFD Cryptocurrencies

Trading Fees
Typical Fee = Spread Fee + Financing Fee (SWAP) + Commissions.

variable spread + swap

We use flexible leverage depending on multiple factors and mathematical projections. Remember: use of financial leverage may cause the returns on the owner's cash investment to be amplified, as well as decline with a quicker velocity in case of the price going the opposite direction.

up to x500


MT4, MT5