AUD/USD Could be Changing the Trend

AUD/USD Could be Changing the Trend

AUD/USD Technical Analysis

  • AUD/USD is changing trend
  • We could see a drop below resistance level
  • M L3 is support
  • Q L3 could be the target


  1. Higher High
  2. Swing Low
  3. Entry Zone
  4. Q L3 and M L4 are targets

The AUD/USD was getting bullish but it has hit important resistance. The price has rejected the resistance and it is dropping. The first target has been hit 0.7195. Strong momentum down might bring the price back to 0.7167. If the market gets there we should see Q L3 and M L4 0.7115. This is the final target. Pay attention to 0.7170. If the market bounces from that level we might see bullish continuation. At this point looks like the trend is changing.