Execution Speed

Lightning Fast Execution
Average Speed under 0.1 seconds

Our mission is to provide the highest level of transparency and execution quality so that you can always feel safe that you are trading in the best trading environment we can offer. Regardless of the size of your trading account.

Every Millisecond Counts

We know that Day-trading requires the your trades are executed at the correct price that you want. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to offer our clients the highest order-processing speed so the price that you click, is the price that you get.

Best excution guarantee for slippage

We are so confident on our execution technology that if your trade shows slippage or slow execution speed, we will investigate and credit you back.

  • Slippage over 1pip
  • Execution time over 0.5 seconds
  • Execution times are outside of the 60 minutes before and after market open and close.
  • Execution time is other than 30 minutes before and after an index announcement or news.