What Is Backtesting and Which Software To Use?

  • Backtesting is a method of evaluating the success of your current trading strategy over a certain time period in the past
  • Backtesting allows you to reproduce your trade notion using historical data and validate its risk management methods
  • MT4, MT5, and trading view are among the top backtesting software
  • A Strategy Tester is included in the MetaTrader 5 backtesting system for testing strategies before they are used in live trading

Backtesting Explained – How Does It Work?

Backtesting definition: Backtesting may provide a wealth of statistical information about a particular system.

definition of backtestingThe practice of evaluating a trading hypothesis/method using previous data is known as backtesting an investment strategy. For instance, suppose you wish to test the trade theory that if a stock’s price is greater than its 52-week high price, it would rise in the future. You may backtest your theory using past data to check whether it is accurate or not. It assists in making the effectiveness of a trading strategy by observing how it performs on past records before executing it on the current market.

Backtesting is a technique for assessing the performance of your current trading strategy over a certain time period in the past. Backtesting a trading strategy allows you to evaluate its performance in post-factum market conditions and discover where it excels and where it falls short. It is an essential tool for ex-post validation of a trading model. Backtesting seeks to assist in the generation of results as well as the evaluation of risk and profitability without putting actual cash at risk.

Why Do Traders Use Backtesting?

Risk and return and their connection, are the two primary foundations for developing trading or investing plans. Backtesting allows you to measure these two elements in order to demonstrate your strategy’s profit potential and risk tolerance.

Backtesting your trading technique will allow you to see how it will perform in real-world market conditions. Backtesting enables you to recreate your trade concept using previous data and verify its risk management systems. Backtesting an investment strategy will help you explore its weak sides, test its durability, and find out where it needs to be fine-tuned without putting your money at risk.

By performing all of this, you can eliminate any problems, enhance your risk management techniques, and build confidence in your trading approach. When applied in real-world market circumstances, this will result in a more satisfactory performance.

Another important reason to backtest your trading technique is that markets are driven by data. Historical information, forward-looking signals, and forecasting analytical models may all aid in the development of a solid trading strategy. You simply cannot gain an accurate idea of your trading strategy’s future performance and viability under current market circumstances without using genuine market data.

Backtesting your trading technique will allow you to see how that would have performed earlier. If it did poorly, the chances of it becoming successful in the future are low.

Backtesting a trading technique can offer you an advantage in the market. It provides you with insights that help on what to anticipate when you go live and compete with other investors.

Best Backtesting Tools Today

backtesting guideOn the internet, you may get a wide range of paid and free backtesting programs. However, only a few of them have adequate backtesting capability. Before deciding on a backtesting platform, there are several things to take into account. One of them is determining which programming languages may be utilized to develop the trading strategy to be evaluated.

The most essential thing is to attempt to find fair data to prevent distorting your model’s performance. When you employ false data, the test findings will nearly always be skewed.

Although entirely eliminating biases is impossible, you should make every effort to minimize their impact in order to obtain as transparent and trustworthy findings as possible. There are numerous sorts of biases that might impact your data and, as a result, the effectiveness of your strategy. This is why you need to find the best backtesting tools.

One of the best backtesting software includes MT4, MT5, and trading view. We will analyze each of them briefly down below.

MetaTrader 4

It should be noted that one of the best backtesting software is considered to be Metatrader 4. To execute strategy backtesting on MetaTrader 4, you must first enable it from the View sub-menu. The Tester window will then display at the end. This window will include two major components: an Expert Advisor and an indicator. This indicates that you can perform backtesting on these two aspects, however, manual strategies can also be backtested.

Backtesting allows traders to assess the efficacy of their methods by applying them to past market data. Essentially, if the backtesting works and the conducted process produces a payment – the investors will be able to be confident enough to utilize that technique in the actual transaction. However, if the simulation results in a loss, it is possible that the technique will also fail in the actual trading.

There are some things you should perform before backtesting your trading methods on Metatrader 4. To begin, you must activate this functionality in the terminal. You may do so by selecting the Strategy Tester option from the menu that appears on the upper side of the screen.

Following that, the corresponding window will display at the bottom of the window. That is where the entire MetaTrader 4 backtesting process is done. For the entire test aspects, Expert Advisors and indicators may be used for automatic backtesting.

Another step that traders should do is to download the relevant historical data for the given instrument. MT4 frequently does not provide complete pricing history data, which might lead to problems in backtesting.

MetaTrader 5

The MT5 backtesting tool is one of the best available right now. It has a few distinctive properties which are not readily accessible in other backtesting programs. The MetaTrader 5 backtesting system includes a Strategy Tester for testing strategies before one uses them in the actual trading. While testing, you may execute a trading strategy with various parameters to test and evaluate it. It then allows you to select the best combinations for your trade. Furthermore, it is a multi-asset instrument, with most securities available for backtesting.

MetaTrader 5 software enables traders to go back in time on the charts and replay the market on any day of their choosing. As a result, investors may simply test their approach with previous data. Furthermore, the free MetaTrader Supreme Edition is another high-quality component that has the ability to improve your trading experience.

There are several major advantages related to this backtesting tool. The most important and distinctive features include the fact that it allows for the testing of automated robot performance.

Besides, it aids traders in determining the optimal input parameters prior to implementing their plan. In addition to that, MT5 displays findings in a visually appealing manner.


backtesting definitionAnother important backtesting tool that should also be noted here is TradingView. TradingView, which debuted in 2011, has a five-star rating and is regarded as one of the top backtesting programs. And besides, TradingView makes backtesting simple, uncomplicated, and straightforward. The TradingView’s most enticing features are actual data and typically accurate chart patterns.

TradingView’s hallmark is the playback functionality. It is indeed useful to check how the charts appeared before implementing any approach. To summarize, it is a basic yet effective tool for playing through chronology, chart browsing, and performing trades.

There are various advantages and benefits related to this backtesting tool. First of all, it should be noted that their overall results are always very unique. Besides, they offer various important offerings, for example, there is a wide range of indicators and systems available for free.

On top of that, another great benefit of using TradingView as your backtesting tool is that its charting capabilities are fantastic, making it simple to identify your position and monitor how each position is progressing.

In addition to this, the TradingView backtesting tool allows you to set the backtesting pace, which simulates actual trading. All of these indicated the fact that TradingView is a truly amazing backtesting tool among the other options in the market.

What Did We Learn From The Forex Backtesting Guide?

Backtesting intends to help in the creation of findings as well as the assessment of risk and profitability without putting actual money at risk.

By doing so, you may eliminate any issues, improve your risk management tactics, and boost your confidence in your trading strategy.

If the backtesting is successful and the simulation generates a payment, the investors may be confident enough to use that approach in the actual trading.

The playback functionality is TradingView’s distinguishing feature. It is certainly beneficial to review how the charts appeared before applying any strategy.

Common Questions On Backtesting Meaning

How Can I Get A Free Backtest?

Usually, the backtesting tool is free on all types of platforms. You just have to download the platform itself and then create a trading account. For example, if you download the MetaTrader 4 trading software you will be able to use this option for free. There will be two primary components in the window: an Expert Advisor and an indicator. This means that you can backtest these two elements, but manual strategies could also be backtested.

How Can I Backtest A Strategy?

You should first download the trading platform you choose to trade with. Then you will have to sign up and create a live trading account. After that, you will be able to use all types of trading tools and features, including the backtesting option. You may test your idea using historical data in order to see whether it is accurate. It aids in determining the efficacy of a trading strategy by examining how it performed in the past before using it in the present market.

How Do You Do A Backtest?

You may backtest your theory using past data to check if it is correct or not. For example, if you want to do a backtest in MT4 there are a few things you need to do. you must enable this feature in the terminal. You can do so by choosing the Strategy Tester selection from the menu at the top of the screen. The relevant window will then appear at the bottom of the window. That is where all of the MetaTrader 4 backtesting takes place.

Is There Any Free Backtesting Software?

The Backtesting tool is free on any type of trading platform. You just need to download the trading software you select to trade with and open a trading account after which, you will be able to start backtesting your strategy.