What Are The Most Trusted Forex Trading Signal Providers?

  • Most technologically inclined investors and automated trading systems rely on trade signals produced by technical analysis
  • There are some of the Best Forex Signals Providers that offer high-quality services such as Elite CurrenSea, MetaTrader 4, MQL5
  • MetaTrader 4 trading signals allow you to automatically duplicate the trades of other investors in real-time
  • Moving averages, volatility, volume, and Relative Strength Index (RSI) are the factors to base the Forex signals on

Top 3 Trading Signal Providers – Listed

Forex trading signals explained: A forex signal is an indication that is generated from a factor or combination of variables that indicates the best moment to purchase or sell a currency pair.

best trading signal provider

Investors with a background in technical analysis frequently employ a variety of forex signals in their trading. One big benefit of signal trading is that it eliminates the need for inner instinct trading, which may get you in trouble if you make a terrible call.

Trading signals generated from the technical analysis are used by the majority of technically minded investors and automated trading systems. This enables them to objectively evaluate whether to enter or exit trade positions according to the price movements. Whether you utilize your own signals or depend on a forex signal provider with an established track record, using signals in your trading might dramatically improve your trading outcomes and might help you to generate a substantial amount of money eventually.

In terms of the top three trading signal providers, it is very hard to say which one is precisely the best in the market as it depends on the traders’ preferences and goals. However, there are several best forex signals providers that offer high-quality services such as Elite CurrenSea, MetaTrader 4, MQL5. We will discuss each of them down below.

Elite CurrenSea Signals

One of the best and reliable Forex trading signal providers is considered to be Elite CurrenSea.

One of the most fundamental forex signals utilized by investors includes price chart regions wherein buyers and sellers like to congregate. These are regarded as support levels if they are lower than the actual market price and resistance levels if they are higher.

Elite CurrenSea provides thousands of investors with the opportunity to find out which is the most optimal period of time to buy or sell specific currency pairs. This is a very essential trading indicator as, in most cases, it might become the major reason why traders are able to gain a significant amount of profit while trading in the foreign exchange market.

There are several important factors that Elite CurrenSea uses in order to find out forex signals for their traders. One of such factors is historical volatility. The computation of historical volatility can assist you in assessing the risks associated with entering a trade based on prior price movement, as well as giving you an indication of what size your trading position should be on a risk-weighted approach. Greater historical volatility indicates a higher level of risk.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Elite CurrenSea forex signals are one of the most crucial services and it indeed is one of the best forex trading signals providers that exist in this financial market.

MQL5 Signals

Another important forex signal provider includes MQL5. MQL5’s signals website is one of the most important trading signal sites for MetaTrader 4 and 5 investors. The website has a wide list of signal providers, who are real investors whose trades you can automatically duplicate in live time using your MetaTrader trading software.

MQL5 enables almost anybody to offer trade signals, which may turn off some potential customers due to the fact that it is unfiltered. Nonetheless, each investor’s performance is assessed and scored in terms of their return on investment (ROI) throughout some time, the number of transactions within a particular time frame (trading frequency), and maximum loss in their brokerage account.

Aside from a vast selection of methods, the MQL5 market validates all of its providers’ trading outcomes, which other foreign exchange signal providers could be unwilling to share. The website also offers tools for filtering the various traders based on a variety of criteria such as ROI, maximum loss, and net income. You may conduct your own filters to find the top traders to follow.

MQL5 is home to a one-of-a-kind network of investors who are solely assessed by their performance. Anyone with currency trading experience may offer signals using MQL5. It also gives verifiable trading outcomes, allowing users to narrow down prospective signal providers depending only on their performance.

This is essentially copy trading and it provides the comfort of paying a little price to stay quiet and let a more skilled investor do the work for you.

Another thing that should also be noted here is that MQL5 is one of the best trading signal providers that has been in the industry for a long time and is a very reliable platform.

In terms of pricing of those forex signals, pricing fluctuates according to the trading strategy and investor selected, however typical costs range between $30 and $50 per month and are charged per day. So, if you copy someone for a monthly charge of $30, you’ll be paying roughly $1 each day.

MetaTrader 4 Signals

best forex signals providersAnother signal provider that should definitely be discussed in this guide is MetaTrader 4. Trading Signals on MetaTrader 4 enable you to automatically copy the transactions made by other investors in real-time. A lot of professional traders make their foreign exchange trades available to the public, either for free or for a fair price, and so become signal providers.

The important thing that should be mentioned about MetaTrader 4 forex signals is that the website and the signals section of your trading software both provide an exhibition of 3200+ free and paid signals. All signal sources are grouped by trading outcomes for your comfort.

The most profitable are shown at the top of a list. If you want to use MT4 Forex signals, you should first choose your signal source, register to their signal, and begin duplicating their trades on both demo and live trading accounts without quitting the MetaTrader 4 platform. The signal does most of the work for you based on the trade criteria you provide.

The trading signals tool in MetaTrader 4 is a perfect solution that allows you to trade effectively! Subscribe to expert investors’ signals with only just a few clicks, and then all signal trades will be transferred to your trade account immediately.

You will need the following items to connect to a signal: An actual trading account and an upgraded MetaTrader 4 trading software, a trading account on MQL5.com. Make sure you have enough money in your MQL5 trading account, bank card, or e-wallet to cover the signal subscription cost.

So if you are interested in a reliable forex signal provider MetaTrader 4 service is truly one of them as they provide their clients with high-quality Forex signals.

What Reliable Forex Signal Providers Use

Usually, reliable forex signal providers need to use something to base their signals on. There are several important factors that are definitely necessary in order to assess which period of time is reasonable for opening or closing the trading position in the foreign exchange market. Such crucial factors include moving averages, volatility, volume, and Relative Strength Index (RSI). We will discuss each of them briefly down below.

Moving Averages

Moving averages filter the price data, resulting in a trend-following technical trading indicator. They do not forecast price movements, but instead describe them, but they delay since they are dependent on prior prices. Regardless, moving averages assist to smooth price movement and block out noise.

Moving averages are another price-based technical indicator (MAs). When a short-term moving average passes above or below a longer-term one, a common trading signal is generated. If the short-term moving average falls below the long-run MA, a selling signal is generated.

Moving averages are used by analysts and traders in order to analyze support and resistance by examining price changes of the specific currency pairs. A moving average represents a security’s historical price activity. Analysts or traders then utilize the data to forecast the future direction of the currency value. It is referred to as a lagging indicator because it lags behind the price movement of the underlying securities in producing a signal or indicating the direction of a particular trend.


best forex trading signals providersAnother important indicator that should also be considered while talking about the best forex trading signal providers is volatility. Volatility is one of the most important concepts in the foreign exchange market. It represents the period of time in the market when the essential economic or financial events are being held or important news releases are being published. At that time, the currency prices start to move extremely quickly and the market becomes very sensitive and unpredictable which means, it is almost impossible to forecast what type of direction it will take in the near future.

The measurement of previous volatility levels can benefit users in evaluating the risks associated with initiating a trade based on actual price movement, as well as giving them a sense of what size position they should take in terms of the risk tolerance. Besides, the traders should also need to consider that a higher past volatility level suggests a higher level of potential risk. This means that in that case, there will be more chance that investors will lose a big amount of money while trading FX.


Volume is the sum of all the trades that have been included in the exchange rate. A volume is a metric used by foreign exchange brokers to assess the size of a client. For most investors, volume is an important indicator that we can utilize to add quality to our trade and enhance our success rate. The most efficient way to use a foreign exchange volume indicator is to combine it with important trading levels and price movements.

Forex volume may assist in creating a more accurate picture of what is happening with prices and what may occur in the near future. For instance, when the price is striving to cross a critical level, if we observe a large increase in volume as the price breaks through a crucial level, we may conclude that the big money investors are there and eager to maintain the momentum.

So while discussing the features that every top forex trading signals provider should have, this is one of the most important aspects in terms of trading signals in the foreign exchange market.

Relative Strength Index

The relative strength index is a momentum indicator used in the analysis that evaluates the size of previous price fluctuations to determine if the asset is in an overbought or oversold condition.

The RSI index is a limited momentum indicator with a range of 0 to 100, and then when it moves into the strong area, it might indicate a probable trend reversal.

A growing market reversal may be detected by the RSI indicator being overbought above the 80 levels, while a descending market reversal can be represented by an oversold position when the index drops below 20. The deviation between price and relative strength index when the index is in an extreme area higher or lower 20 indicates a larger market reversal.

What Did We Learn From This Signal Providers Guide?

Using Forex signals in your trading might significantly enhance your trading results and help you make a lot of money

The reliable Forex signal providers need to use something to base their signals on. Such important factors include moving averages, volatility, volume, and Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Moving averages analyze price data to provide a trend-following technical trading indicator. They do not anticipate price changes, but rather describe them; nonetheless, they are lagged since they are dependent on past prices

The evaluation of past volatility levels can help people assess the risks of starting a transaction based on real price changes

Common Questions On Forex Signal Providers

Who Are The Best Forex Trading Signal Providers?

There are several best forex signal providers you can trust. It is difficult to tell which one is the greatest in the market because it is dependent on the traders’ tastes and trading ambitions. However, there are a number of Best Forex Signals Providers that provide high-quality services, like Elite CurrenSea, MetaTrader 4, and MQL5.

Which Is The Best Forex Signal App?

One of the best Forex signal apps is considered to be Metatrader 4. MetaTrader 4 Trading Signals allow you to automatically duplicate the trades of other investors in real-time. Many expert traders make their Forex trades available to the public, either for free or at a reasonable charge, and so become signal providers. The most essential thing to remember about MetaTrader 4 Forex signals is that both the website and the Signals area of your trading program display over 3200 free and paid signals. For your convenience, all signal sources are organized by trading outcomes.

Are There Any Legit Forex Signals?

There are several reliable Foreign exchange Signals you can find in the market. One of them definitely is MQL5. The MQL5 signals website is one of the most significant trading signal websites for MetaTrader 4 and 5 traders. The website has a long number of signal providers, who are genuine investors whose trades you can automatically replicate in real-time using your MetaTrader trading program. Because MQL5 allows virtually anybody to provide trade signals, it may turn off some potential clients owing to the fact that it is unfiltered.

Is It Worth Paying For Forex Signals?

If you are interested in trading signals, it is more cost-effective to go with a free provider. However, there are several high-quality Forex signals that charge traders with a specific amount of money. It is almost always worth paying that money because it, in most cases, avoids you from unpleasant scenarios and helps you gain a substantial amount of profit while trading in the foreign exchange market.